In 2018, we revisited and staged a new production of York and Richmond’s wild west comedy, Wild Wild Women.

The show is set in Aggroville, where the Clantons and the McLairds are always killing each other, and where hangin’ Judge West and the Earps try and keep control.

Things come to a head when the lovely singing nun, Sister Priscilla, is killed by a stray bullet. Alice Tibbs, of the Peaceable Haven Saloon, convinces all the women folk to take part in a love strike to bring the men to their senses. There is much twitching of the Doves at the Red Candle Saloon and moaning amongst the women, as they sing and dance themselves out of the dilemma.

The score features songs including Peaceable Haven, Aggroville, Bundle Of Joy and the rousing title song Wild Wild Women.

                                                         The production raised just short of £600 which was donated to Relate North West                                                                     London.


Wyatt Earp Les Kenny
Virgil Earp Nicholas Seale
Jamie Earp Maxwell Harkness
Morgan Earp Michael Wright
Judge West Ian Collyer
Bill Tibbs Matthew Ridley
Alice Tibbs Jenny Rigby
Sister Pricilla Megan Rigby
Jane Clanton Olivia Holburd
Robert McLaird Richard Connolly
Madam Lola Debbie Langford
Coriander Nisha Chadha
Patchouli Melanie Margolis
Jasmine Sarita Gomez
Mrs West Roma Ridley
Mrs McLaird Pam McGowan
Myrtle McLaird Olivia Holburd
Mrs Clanton Shivashtie Poonwassie
Mr Clanton Michael Wright
Mr McLaird Les McGowan
Clint McLaird Richard Connolly
Ensemble Molly Fear
Ensemble Alison Hornal
Ensemble Elizabeth Hornal
Ensemble Robyn Langford
Ensemble Eva Rigby
Production Team
Book Michael Richmond
Music Nola York
Lyrics Michael Richmond
Direction Olivia Holburd and Roma Ridley
Musical Director Daniel Cox
Choreography Olivia Holburd and Roma Ridley
Orchestrations Daniel Cox
Set Design Roger Holburd
Stage Manger Roger Holburd
Prompt Maggie Warren
Front Of House Maggie Warren
Box Office John Scoates
Publicity Daniel Cox, Michael Wright
Social Media Richard Connolly
Programme Shivashtie Poonwassie
Stage Crew Sze Razak, Danielle James, James Reveler
Publicity Photographs Shivashtie Poonwassie
Lighting Les Brewer
Sound Sam Blackmore
Rehearsal Pianist Daniel Cox
Keyboard Programming Daniel Cox
Chaperones Brett Langford, Andrew Rigby
Conductor/Keyboard I Daniel Cox
Keyboard II Naomi Wright/Nicola Chang
Flute, Clarinet, Recorder, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax Michael Madigan
Trumpet Jamie Wall/Tom Watts
Trombone George Meeks
Drums/Percussion Jono Pamplin/Bill Pamplin
Song List
Act One Act Two
Overture Entr'Acte
Peaceable Haven Dancing Backwards
Aggroville Ooh La La
A Man Alone Heart Of Gold
Peaceable Haven (Reprise) The Stars Already Know
Head Over Heels Wild Wild Women (Reprise)
The Earps Full O'Love
The Earps (Reprise) Second Hand Rag
Bundle Of Joy The Ballad Of Romeo And Juliet
Madame De Pompadour Madame de Pompadour (Reprise)
Wild Wild Women The Stars Already Know (Reprise)
The Vow A Man Alone (Reprise)
Act One Finale


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