Pastiche saw in the new century with a production of Viva Mexico in 2000.

Mendoza, Mexico’s maddest revolutionary, has heard that a stage coach due to pass by El Rancho Grande carries a million American dollars on their way to support the tyrannical rule of the current President. Escorting the fortune is the pompous Senator K. Vanders, of Washington DC, accompanied by his charming daughter Lucille. Since El Rancho Grande is owned by Mama Inez, whose son, Ramon, is one of Mexico’s promising young bandits, what is more natural than for Mendoza to despatch Ramon to rob the coach. With the mission accomplished, Pablo and Pepe, who seldom do anything right, are left to bring the stolen luggage back to the Rancho.

The score features well known classics with new lyrics, such as La Cucaracha, Love Stay In My Heart, O Foolish Moon and It’s Aztec Night Tonight. The production raised over £1,300 for Age Concern.


Racquelita Roma Ridley
Lucille Vanda Simmonds
Mama Inez Carol Williams
Casilda Kristine Simmonds
Lola Debbie Langford
Aztec Priestess Sue Forrest
Ramon Daniel Cox
Bernardo Paul Whiteley
Pepe Paul Lancaster
Pablo Steve Ellis
Lopez Max Harkness
Senator Rick Williams
Mendoza Mark Lancaster
Ensemble Alan Anders
Ensemble Craig Coombes
Ensemble Melanie James
Ensemble Claire Ridley
Ensemble Gwyneth Roberts
Ensemble Joy Saunders
Ensemble Gloria Webb
Ensemble Ron Webb
Ensemble Laura Wells
Production Team
Director Jean Hobson
Musical Director Derek Holland
Choreography Roma Ridley
Prompt Maggie Warren
Song List
Act One Act Two Act Three
Overture Opening Act Two Opening Act Three
El Rancho Grande O, Foolish Moon Toreadors
Manana It's Aztec Night Tonight In Love
Love, Stay In My Heart Ay-Ay-Ay Manana (Reprise)
Oh, What A Shame Ritual Of The Rising Sun Love Stay In My Heart (Reprise)
The Sergeant's Song Tango For Two Finale
La Cucaracha Finale Act Two
The Clapping Song
Finale Act One

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