Pastiche performed Dorothy Reynold and Julian Slade’s Salad Days at the Compass Theatre in 1998.

The story focusses on Jane and Timothy, a recently married couple who are paid £7 a week by a tramp to look after his mobile piano. They soon discover that when the piano plays, everyone within earshot soon has the irresistible urge to dance.

Despite attempts to ban the piano from playing, the piano disappears and it does down to Uncle Zed to retrieve the piano in his flying saucer. The piano is found and then passed on to another couple to look after.

The score features songs including We Said We Wouldn’t Look Back, I Sit In The Sun and We Don’t Understand Our Children. The production raised £500 which was donated to Imperial Cancer Research (which became Cancer Research UK in 2002).


The Tramp Max Harkness
Jane Ceren Roberts
Timothy Neil Pulman
Tim's Mother Jean George
Aunt Prue Gloria Webb
Tim's Father Ron Webb
Lady Raeburn Carol Williams
Heloise Jean George
Assistant Vanda Simmonds
Manicurist Pam McGowan
PC Boot Les Kenny
Rowena Roma Ridley
Bishop Paul Lancaster
Troppo Claire Ridley
Fosdyke Paul Lancaster
Uncle Clam Rick Williams
Inspector Paul Andrews
Nigel Michael George
Fiona Vanda Simmonds
Tom Smith Ron Webb
Slave Les Kenny
The Manager Paul Lancaster
Arms Dancers Neil Pulman and Helen Parcel
Augustine Rick Williams
Asphynxia Pam McGowan
Ambrose Paul Lancaster
Marguerite Khris Simmonds
Anthea Helen Parcel
Electrode Ron Webb
Uncle Zed Les McGowan
Production Team
Book and Lyrics Dorothy Reynolds and Julian Slade
Music  Julian Slade
Director Jean Hobson
Musical Director Derek Holland
Stage Manager Rod George
Box Office Joyce Harkness
Pianists Jamie Blethyn and Marjorie Darkins
Choreography Roma Ridley and Vanda Simmonds
Prompt Maggie Warren
Scenery Gwynne Evans
Front of House Alan Hobson
Costumes 'The Wardrobe Mistress'
Song List
Act One Act Two
Opening Cleopatra
The Things That Are Done By A Don Sand In My Eyes
We Said We Wouldn't Look Back It's Easy To Sing
Find Yourself Something To Do We're Looking For A Piano
I Sit In The Sun The Time Of My Life
Oh, Look At Me! The Saucer Song
Hush Hush We Don't Understand Our Children
Oh, Look At Me! (Reprise) Oh, Look At Me! (Reprise)
Out of Breath We Said We Wouldn't Look Back (Reprise)

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