In 2006, we returned to the Compass to stage Pickwick, based on the Charles Dicken’s papers on the Pickwick Club.

The story centres on wealthy Samuel Pickwick and his valet, who are in a debtors’ prison where they recall the misadventures that led to their imprisonment.

Through a series of misunderstandings, he inadvertently leads his landlady, Mrs Bardell, to believe he has proposed marriage to her. Pickwick is charged with breach of promise and hauled into court, where he is found guilty as charged and sentenced to prison when he stubbornly refuses to pay her compensation.

The score features songs including Business Is Booming, There’s Something About You, A Hell Of An Election and the classic standard If I Ruled The World. The production raised £2,500 in aid of Tearfund, a charity dedicated towards eradicating poverty.


Hot Drinks Seller Debbie Langford
Cold Drinks Seller Victoria Ware
Bired Seller Melanie James
Hot Potato Seller Matthew Ridley
Turnkey Phillip Harrison
Sam Weller Steve Ellis
Tony Weller Les McGowan
Samuel Pickwick Rick Williams
Roker John Scoates
Snodgrass Brian Coles
Tupman Maxwell Harkness
Winkle Les Kenny
Mr Wardle Phillip Harrison
Rachel Wardle Carol Williams
Isabelle Wardle Vanda Simmonds
Emily Wardle Stephanie Ware
Joe Alec Coles-Aldridge
Mr Jingle Bank Banks
Mrs Bardell Roma Ridley
Bardell Jnr David Rees
Sir Thomas Clubber Geoff Williams
Lady Clubber Teresa Walters
Caroline Clubber Olivia Holburd
Dr Slammer John Grundy
Mary Claire Ridley
Officers Alan Holloway and Geoff Williams
Winter Waltz Singers Louise Crouch, Jenny Rigby, Teresa Walters
Dodson John Scoates
Landlord of the Blue Lion Roger Holburd
Fogg Alan Holloway  
Mr Wickes Matthew Ridley
Mr Jackson John Grundy
Court Usher Roger Holburd
Sgt Snubbins Geoff Williams
Sgt Buzfuz Ray Johnstone
Simpkins John Grundy
Funky Matthew Ridley
Ensemble Pam McGowan
Ensemble Megan Rigby
Ensemble Alice Cole-Aldridge
Ensemble Molly Fear
Ensemble Katie Harkness
Production Team
Book Wolf Mankowitz
Music Cyril Ornadel
Lyrics Lesile Bricusse
Director Jean Hobson
Musical Director Jean George
Rehearsal Pianist Jamie Blethyn
Choreography Roma Ridley
Costumes Jean George, Jean Hobson, Company
Scenery Roger Holburd
Stage Manager Paul Andrews
Sound Kevin Redgate
Lighting John Cude
Keyboard Jamie Blethyn
Banjo/Guitar Alan Dove
Trumpet Ben Kesell
Drums Dave Smith
Song List
Act One Act Two
Business is Booming A Hell of an Election
Debtors Lament Very
Talk If I Ruled The World
That's What I'd like for Christmas The Trouble With Women
The Pickwickians The Law
A Bit of Character British Justice
Quadrille Do As You Would Be Done By
There's Something about You  
Learn a Little Something  
You've Never Met a Feller  
Look into Your Heart  
The Duel  
Winter Waltz  

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