Pastiche presented Rick Besoyan’s Little Mary Sunshine in 2002.

The show gently spoofs such old-time favourites like “Rose Marie” and “Naughty Marietta” but has a personality all its own. The plot is a little bit of everything: Colorado Rangers led by stalwart Captain Jim; the lovely Mary Sunshine, her ‘naughty’ maid Nancy; a chorus of giggling schoolgirls and the ominous but benevolent Indian chief. Hearts are won and lost and won again, in this delightful, laugh-filled and charming show.

The score features songs including In Izzenschnooken On The Lovely Essenzook Zee, Tell a Handsome Stranger, Mata Hari and Do You Ever Dream of Vienna?

The show raised £1,750 which was donated to the Breast Cancer Campaign. In 2015, the Breast Cancer Campaign merged to become Breast Cancer Now.


Hope Pam McGowan
Chief Brown Bear Alan Anders
Corporal Billy Jester Paul Lancaster
Captain 'Big Jim' Warington Steve Ellis
Pete Michael Anders
Tex Craig Coombes
Tom Les McGowan
Hank Daniel Cox
Buster James Redhead
Slim Maxwell Harkness
Will Ron Webb
Little Mary Sunshine Vanda Simmonds
Mme Ernestine Von Liebedich Carol Williams
Cora Roma Ridley/Debbie Langford
Henrietta Stephanie Ware
Mabel Charlotte Ingham
Maud Grace Stafford
Gwendolyn Claire Ridley
Blanche Victoria Ware
Nancy Twinkle Roma Ridley/Debbie Langford
Fleet Foot Gloria Webb
General Oscar Fairfax Rick Williams
Yellow Feather Michael Anders
Youngsters Olivia Holburd, Tudor Williams
Production Team
Book, Music and Lyrics Rick Besoyan
Director Jean Hobson
Musical Director/Keyboards Derek Holland
Rehearsal Pianist/Piano Marjorie Darkins
Drums David Hamilton-Smith
Choreography Roma Ridley, Debbie Langford and Vanda Simmonds
Costumes Jean Hobson
Set Design and Construction Alan Anders
Prompt Maggie Warren
Make Up Pat McAlpine
Props Geoff Williams and Joy Saunders
Publicity Maggie Warren
Sound Sandy Gallimore
Box Office Joyce Harkness
Stage Manager Paul Andrews
Song List
Act One Act Two
Overture Such A Merry Party
The Forest Ranger Say 'Uncle'
Little Mary Sunshine The Forest Ranger (Reprise)
Look For A Sky Of Blue Me A Heap Big Indian
You're The Fairest Flower Naughty, Naughty Nancy
In Izzenschnooken on the Lovely Essenzook Zee Mata Hari
Playing Croquet Do You Ever Dream Of Vienna
Swinging/How Do You Do? Shell Game Dance
Tell A Handsome Stranger Coo Coo
Once In A Blue Moon Colorado Love Call (Reprise)
Colorado Love Call The Forest Ranger (Reprise)
Every Little Nothing Finale Act II
Finale Act I  

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