In 2008, Pastiche staged Dorothy Reynold and Julian Slade’s Follow That Girl

The story centres on a girl named Victoria Gilchrist, whose parents want her to marry one of two businessmen. She objects and runs away. Her capture after a long chase by a policeman, Tom, leads to romance and finally marriage to him.

The score features songs including Shopping In Kensington, Three Victorian Mermaids, Taken For A Ride and Waiting For Our Daughter.

The production raised £2,250 which was donated to Leukaemia Research. The charity has since renamed to Bloodwise.



Victoria Gilchrist Louise Crouch
Tom Blenkinsop Mark Lancaster
Mrs Gilchrist Debbie Langford
Mr Gilchrist John Scoates
Tancred Maxwell Harkness
Wilberforce Brian Coles
Walter Miskin Steve Ellis
Cora Miskin Jenny Rigby
Aquarium Keeper Les McGowan
Taximan Les McGowan
Mercia Stephanie Ware
Mavis Roma Ridley
Maude Vanda Simmonds
Miss Payton Les McGowan
Effie/Air Stewardess Melanie James
Edward/Busman Tudor Williams
Trainman David Rees
Tubeman Alan Hollaway
Ensemble Alec Coles
Ensemble Molly Fear
Ensemble Jordan Hines
Ensemble Rhiannon Hines
Ensemble Alex Price
Ensemble Matthew Ridley
Ensemble Megan Rigby
Ensemble Kathryn Speechley
Ensemble Chris Taylor
Ensemble Geoff Williams
Production Team
Book and Lyrics Dorothy Reynolds and Julian Slade
Music  Julian Slade
Director Jean Hobson
Musical Director Jean George
Rehearsal Pianist Jamie Blethyn
Guitar Alan Dove
Reeds Lynsey Runkel
Bass John Brockhouse
Stage Manager Michael George
Scenery Rod George, Roger Holburd and Alan Anders
Song List
Act One Act Two
Tra La La Lets Take A Stroll
Where Shall I Find My Love? Shopping In Kensington
I'm Away Taken For A Ride
Follow That girl Lovely Meeting You At last
Solitary Stranger Waiting For Our Daughter
Victoria, Victoria The Soap Commercial
Lost, Stolen or Strayed Evening In London
Three Victorian Mermaids  
Mermaid Scales  
Song and Dance  

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