Divorce Me Darling was Pastiche’s 1999 main production and is the sequel to Sandy Wilson’s The Boyfriend (staged by Pastiche in 1997).

Set ten years after The Boyfriend, Polly and her friends are back in Nice for some fun in the sun without their husbands. They discover handsome, ex-playboy, Bobby Van Husen, is also in town sans his wife (and their old schoolmate), Maisie. When they spend an evening catching up, the door to yet another series of misunderstandings and complications is opened. Maisie and the girls’ husbands descend on Nice, though, divorce is in the air!

Sandy Wilson’s score features songs such as Here We Are In Nice Again, Lights, Music!, Together Again, Fancy Forgetting and the title song, Divorce Me Darling. The production raised £700 for the Hammersmith Hospital Renal Unit.


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